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Included in the eBook:⁠ 

  • 2 week meal plan, comprising calorie and macronutrient information per recipe and day 
  • 30 delicious low carb recipes⁠ 
  • Weekly shopping lists⁠
  • Low carb pantry recommendations⁠
  • Lane’s cooking and health tricks ⁠ ⁠ 
  • BONUS: Complex Carb Swap Cheat Sheet
  • BONUS: 4 Quick At Home Workouts + videos


On purchase of this eBook: 

You agree to the no refund policy applied to the purchase of this ebook. You also agree to not further distribute this ebook upon purchase in agreement with copyright law. Lane Wiederstein and Low Carb Girl Pty Ltd reserves all rights to this publication and its contents as stated within copyright law.

Weight Loss Without The Hunger eBook

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