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What fitness equipment do I need? + Fat burning Abs circuit

I created this 10 exercise ab circuit when I was injured earlier this year and could not run or walk for a few weeks. I was able to complete this workout at home with very litte equipmnet required.

For anyone starting their fitness journey I recommnded 4 small pieces of equipment to invest in that will enhance your workout. They can be used for so many diffreent exercises, easily transported / fit in the boot of your car (and I have a small vehicle!) and inexpensive in comparison to a gym membership.

Build your workout toolkit with the following:

1) Set of dumbells

I use 2 kgs, but find what weight works for you. I recomen buying a smaller weight to start with and increaing to a larger amount in time. I purchased these at Rebel Sport.

2) Medicine ball

Mine is 4kg and purchased at Rebel Sport. A medicine ball is so versatile and can be incorporated into various full body movements and exercises.

3) Skipping rope

I bought mine from Kmart. Theres no different between a cheap rope and expensive rope, they serve the same jump over!

4) Yoga mat

Get a good one, they will last alot longer than a cheap flimpsy one. Check out LuluLemon.

Image via: Pintrest

If you dont have any of the above, my advice is to improvise! Don't hold back on a workout just beacuse you dont feel set up, you'll never start.

If you don't have the weights, use a tin of corn in each hand.

No yoga mat, use a towel.

No medicine ball, use a heavy cook book.

No skipping rope, find a medium length rope around the house.

Sounds silly but these tricks will do the job. Buy one thing at a time and gradually build your toolkit.

Now for the workout.


Abs Circuit 1

Number of exercises (reps): 10

Number of sets: 1-2

Equpiment needed: Yoga mat, medicine Ball (if you have one)

Target areas: Abdominals


  1. Plank

  2. Mountain Climbers

  3. Comandos

  4. Plank Jacks

  5. Crunches

  6. Russian Twist (with or without medicine ball)

  7. Bicycles

  8. Scissor Kicks

  9. Toe touches

  10. Flutter Kicks

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