Girl Problems. Unhappy Hormones.

It’s not until hormonal issues arise that you actually start paying attention to them. It wasn’t until I lost my period for an extended amount of time (18 months) that I started to realise it wasn’t normal for a female’s body to behave in this way. Apart from the loss of period, the other read flags which suggested I had Secondary Amenorrhea (the loss of 3-6 consecutive menstrual periods) were brittle nails, hair loss, increased anxiety and just not feeling quite right.

I kept my girl problem to myself for a while, as I felt ashamed and upset by the situation. I continued to promise myself that if it wasn’t here the following month, I’d muster up the courage and do something about it. I haven’t wanted to share this up until now, where I’ve started to see some progress and regulation in my cycle again. For me, I put it down to stress, over training and without realising it, underrating. So here are a few lifestyle changes I made in the past few months to help me regain my monthly:

1. Eating more! Undereating can lead to loss of period, so adding some calories back into your day can honestly make all the difference. Super uncomfortable for someone who is so used to eating a certain amount of food eat day, but just trust your body.

2. Adding additional healthy fats into my diet e.g. coconut yoghurt, seeds, nuts, nut butters, as the hormones responsible for the female reproductive system are fat-based. Try my Healthy Hormone Granola Recipe (Paleo + Gluten Free) below, it has all the healthy fats your body is screaming out for.

3. Incorporating more carbohydrates into my meal after a workout e.g. adding an extra ½ banana into my smoothie or a handful of roasted potatoes with dinner.

4. Reducing the number of training sessions per week e.g. adding in a rest day (something I find hard to do).

5. Reducing the intensity of my workouts e.g. switching a long run for a slow walk.

6. Incorporating stress management practices into my day e.g. setting realistic goals for each day and not jam packing too many things in, breathing exercises, guided mediations.

7. Self-love e.g. being kind to myself through positive talk.

Although I am a qualified nutritionist, I do not specialise in this area and only speaking from experience. For anyone else going through this, you’re not alone. Please talk about it with your girlfriends, Doctor or Nutritionist as you may have other underlying factors such as PCOS. It’s not worth all the pain.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ScheduleSchedule

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