What is your definition of healthy?

I’ve honestly been thinking about this all week and wondered whether there would be much similarity in people’s answers. A few years ago, I would have told you that being a certain number on the bathroom scales, having a ‘good’ week, ramping up my exercise routine, drinking zero alcohol or only eating clean foods was the true definition of health. My focus was probably on how I looked rather than how I felt.

As I have gotten older, my perception on things have changed. I’m definitely more comfortable in my own skin to care less about what size my jeans are, but I’m also more educated on how the above can affect not only your mental state but everything else going on in your life. The combination of the two was the catalyst for an update in my wellness dictionary.

For me, healthy now means consistently feeling good both mentally and physically.

There really is this beautiful flow on effect that when I listen to my body and give it what it needs, I walk out the door feeling energised, invigorated and with the the mindset that anything is possible. When I achieve ‘my healthy’, I really am the best version of myself.On the contrary, when I’m not implementing healthy habits, I feel negative, tired and completely weighed down. Who the hell wants to feel like that?!

People often associate healthy with boring, but I’m telling you it’s just the way you look at it. If you think about all the good things you can add into your life rather than all the things you must take out, then you’re half way. For example, a weekly grocery shop results in a fridge filled with fresh produce, ready to be cooked up into delicious meals throughout the week. Yes, it’s annoying that 1 hour of your Sunday afternoon is taken up, but it’s put time back into your week as you’re now not running to the supermarket every night, stressing that there’s nothing to eat at home.

People also think that healthy is expensive. Leave the pricey green powders behind and just focus on getting the basics right first. Start with filling your plate with veggies, protein, health fats and complex carbs. Treat yourself to a $10 almond milk chai with special health powers later on.

Lastly, healthy equals restrictive. That’s not that case. Having some heathy habits that you follow 80% of the time, actually allows freedom and flexibility so that you can enjoy yourself the remainder 20% of the time. Guess what, not everyone’s ‘healthy’ is going to be identical. The person next to you may just want to get more active by being outdoors on the weekend, whereas your next-door neighbour may want to cook more nourishing family dinners.

For those of you that may be starting on your health journey I want you to do a little bit of homework. Tick off on my Define Your 'Healthy' Checklist below:

1) Define what healthy means to you.

2) Give purpose to why you want to be healthy.

3) Implement sustainable healthy habits to help achieve your version of health.

4)) Be kind and allow yourself some flexibility and balance some of the time.

5) Listen to your body and make adjustments if things aren’t work for you or keep doing what you’re doing if they are!

6) Stop comparing yourself. No two people are the same and neither are their health goals. Schedule

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