How to Reduce Bloating

Although bloating is normal after a large meal it can drastically diminish your self worth and control your day. Bloating is generally caused by excess gas production or disruptions in the digestive system, which results in pain, discomfort and a swollen stomach.

If you don’t get on top of what is causing the bloating, it can also effect your mental state. For me, I feel so defeated that I barely want to do anything. I don’t have an appetite because putting food in on top of the already bloated belly seems to worsen the situation. Over the years I’ve worked out that by sticking to these top 6 principles, my bloating is less frequent and more manageable:

1) Sit down and eat a proper meal away from distractions, rather than constant grazing or eating on the go.

2) Avoid artificial sweeteners, dairy, high FODMAP foods, carbonated beverages and excessive amounts of cruciferous vegetables or nuts/seeds.

3) Ensure you chew your food properly (20 chews per mouthful).

4) Try eating slow cooked foods, soups or smoothies to assist digestion rather than raw foods such a salad.

5) Add 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to water, 30 minutes prior to meal time.


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