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Ditch the diet (forever) & still lose weight!

Goodness 2020 has been a whirl wind of a ride! And boy it's not finished yet! A few weeks ago I realised that many of my nutrition clients were booking in to see me as the answer to the weight they'd unfortunately gained during COVID. I recognised what a huge impact the last few months in isolation / quarantine had played on their health, and they subsequently felt pretty flat about how they looked and more importantly how they felt.

It's been an absolute joy to commence a 6 week group weight loss program for women in a supportive, collaborative environment. If you've been following me for a while, you'll know that showing women how to portion their food (rather than counting calories) is just one part of my approach to weight loss. However, I am just as passionate about educating women how to create long term habits so they can actually keep the weight off for good and inspire them to get creative in the kitchen so they can enjoy delicious food along the way!

So with that said, here's my top 3 tips for giving up dieting for good and still lose weight:

1) Change your diet mindset

You don't have to 'start Monday' or even tomorrow! To be perfectly honest, you don't even need to go diet altogether. Just start making small changes to the way you eat, right NOW.


Nothing in life is linear and neight is your weight loss! So make sure you track your progress along the way and celebrate all wins, no mater how big or small they are. Hard work should't go unnoticed.

3) Learn how to lower your carb intake (rice, pasta, fruit, bread)

Fill your plate with low carb veggies and balance them with source of protein and healthy fats at every meal. This will teach your body to use stored fat as an energy source as well as carbs (sugar/glucose) resulting in weight loss. No calorie counting is needed here! If you are not sure how to do this, seek guidance from a qualified nutritionist.


4) Get organised for the week ahead

Spend 15 minutes on the weekend to roughly plan all your meals for the week ahead. Even pencil in date night with your boyfriend or eating out with the family, so you know what night's you don't need to organise dinner for. After that do a big grocery shop and prepare a few of these meals on a Sunday, so they are ready to eat when meal time rolls around during the week. The will be no excuse, to NOT make a healthy low carb choice!

Check out video guide to grocery shopping here.


5) Don't avoid socialising altogether, just make smarter choices

Finally and probably one of the biggest set backs when it comes to weight loss, is learning how to make smarter choices when eating out on the weekend with friends or even at a Friday night drinks. Simple tricks such as choosing lower sugar alcoholic drinks (gin & no sugar tonic water / dry wine / vodka, lime & soda) or ordering a salad plus a slice of pizza (rather than the other way around), will allow you to lose weight without missing out on fun events.


Start by making small sustainable changes to the way you approach food now, so you don't have to commence that next diet on Monday. Losing weight really doesn't have to be so exhausting and complicated, you just need to know how!


If you’re struggling with giving up dieting but still wanting to achieve your weight loss goals, you can apply for 6 week weight loss group coaching program. Please apply here. I will show you how to lose weight using my flexible low carb carb lifestyle. I can’t wait to tackle this together!



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