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Princess Fiona Smoothie

Serves 1

Gluten and Dairy Free

Don't get me wrong I love banana in my smoothie post workout, but the avocado is also full of potassium and magnesium and gives this Princess Fiona Smoothie a creamy finish without the additional sugar!

I've bulked up the smoothie and hidden extra green veggies (zucchini and kale) in amoung the protein and chocolatey cacao, hence the smoothie name - I honestly though of the movie Shrek when I first tried it!

The smoothie is also high in healthy fats and Omega 3 (avo, coconut, peanut butter, chia) which will keep you satiated for longer.


1 small zucchini, frozen

1 cup kale

4 tablespoons vanilla protein powder*

2 tablespoons cacao powder 1 tablespoon coconut

1 tablespoon avocado

1 tablespoon peanut butter

½ tablespoon chia

1 serve Nutra Organics collagen powder 1 cup water


Place all ingredients in the blender.

Blend until a desired consistency is reached.

Add ice for a thicker smoothie.

Top with coconut and chia seeds. Enjoy!

*This would be great with chocolate protein too!

Recipe Card

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