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Who said you can’t eat pasta with a low carb lifestyle?

My clients (and I) love to fill a bowl with edamame noodles and zucchini "zoodles"

(now that's a mouthful) then top with Beef Bolognese sauce, a sprinkle of parmesan cheese, fresh parsley and chilli flakes. Feels like I’m in Italy already!

With so many different types of pasta, I’ve provided a table below that can help you make an informed decision about what noodle type is best for your dietary preferences. There are 4 gluten free options and 1 standard pasta (made with wheat).

Now let's get into the details...

To summarise:

- Lowest calorie option = "Zoodles"

- Lowest carb option = "Zoodles"

- Highest fibre option = Chickpea noodles

- Highest protein = Chickpea noodles

- Lowest price (gluten free) = Gluten free San Remo Pasta

It's important to consider the whole nutritional value of a food, rather than each macronutrient in isolation. With that said the edamame noodles are my personal fave as it ticks the low carb and low calorie boxes as well as high in fibre and protein, in comparison to the other 4 options. You can add so much volume to your bowl with a mixture of "zoodles" and edamame noodles, because no one likes a small more or to go h-angry!

To grab your hands on some of these products:

1. Slendier:

2. Eco Organics:

If you’re struggling with how to enjoy carbs on your weight loss journey, please book an appointment here. I can show you how to eat foods you love whilst losing weight.

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