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My Story


Although I grew up participating in various sports and eating well, it has more than often lead to food and exercise obsession. 


I'm probably not the first to admit that I've restricted foods to look a certain way or avoided strength sessions at the gym just so I didn't end up looking too muscular. I've tried the 5-day juice cleanses, cutting out whole food groups and testing fad diets, only to fall into a heap by the end of it. It was all part of a vicious cycle. 


How many times have you said to yourself,
'What does it matter, I'm already too far gone', or 'I'll start on Monday' because you've just finished the remainder of the cookie packet. Have you ever felt the need to lose 'just 5kgs' just so that you'd fit into that size smaller dress? None of these eating or thinking habits are sustainable, only detrimental to your relationship with food and your body. Trust me, I've been there.


I've always had an interest in health and wellness, but it wasn't until I took an overwhelming leap of faith in 2017 and made a career change to pursue my dream. Guess what, I've never looked back. 


I'm passionate about guiding individuals with their eating and fitness; whether they've experienced the same troubles as I have, or just looking for some new healthy meals they can prepare at home. Aside from that, you'll find me jogging at the park, obsessing over my puppy Lottie, listening to a health podcast or drinking an almond milk chai. These are the small things in life that really make my heart melt and soul warm.




MY Philosophy


I truely believe if you cast your focus on making achievable lifestyle changes, you can create healthy habits that are sustainable. It's not about changing your life overnight, but gradual improvement that is realistic, that will ultimatelallow you to live a more energised life. It's a matter of listening to your body and fuelling it with what it needs.


These days I eat quality wholesome foods with a focus on nutrient density, that will allow my body to thrive. My diet is diverse yet balanced where I can occasionally treat myself and not feel guilty for doing so; because life's worth living and sharing experiences with those around us. So why should we have to take away that from ourselves? 


I track my body through how my clothing feels on me. If my clothes fit comfortably, great. I'm a much happier girl than if I were to weigh myself and feel disappointed if didn't meet a 'magic number' that we make for ourselves. 


This creates an environment where you can appreciate your body for all the amazing things it allows you to do and be grateful for the skin you're in. 


It really is about creating a positive relationship with yourself, so that you don't have to think about starting that next diet or exercise regime. Thus, I see the importance of everyone having some understanding of good health and wellbeing. If we can take the time to learn some key principles, it becomes that much easier to elect healthier options by choice.



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