The 6 Week Glow Girl Program is for busy women who want to lose weight using my low carb fit method.

Program Outcomes
- Learn to confidently create a low carb meal to help you lose weight and keep it off for good

- Learn to cook low carb meals with minimal ingredients at home

- Learn about low carb food products

- Learn how to live low carb whilst eating out and socialising

- Learn how to ditch the diet for good and beat those sugar cravings

Program Structure

You will get access to the program resources 2 days prior to starting. 

You can join the group program every week.

Zoom Calls are Tuesday's at 6pm (AEST) - they are recorded if you can't make the call.

Program Details
1) Weekly 1 hour group coaching calls via Zoom which gives participants the opportunity to discuss their progress and ask questions to help overcome their weight loss challenges and barriers (6 calls in total).
2) Access to 10 low carb weight loss learning modules.
3) 6 week meal plan with 65 low carb recipes.
4) Access to a private Facebook group to answer your questions, provide support and keep you accountable to your weight loss goal. 
5 ) An information pack outlining the Program details, structure and additional supporting resources.

Apply for the program (button below) or book a 15 minute Discovery Call for more information.

Current group participants are seeing results after just one week!

And loving all the easy low carb recipes!